Flatten Delimited

FlattenDelimited transform flattens (or normalizes) a field or a set of fields that contain delimited values.


field Required
Field(s) to split and flatten
The output field name(s) for the flattened field.
Default: the input fields.
separator Required
Separator(s) used on the field(s)


Given the following data:

patient tissue value
A Ova,Asc 4,2
B Adn,Asc,Ute 6,3,4

... and configuration:

  "type": "flattenDelimited",
  "field": ["tissue", "value"],
  "separator": [",", ","]

TODO: Rename separator to delimiter

Flattened data is produced:

patient tissue value
A Ova 4
A Asc 2
B Adn 6
B Asc 3
B Ute 4