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Regex Extract

The "regexExtract" transform extracts groups from a string field and adds them to the data objects as new fields.


as Required

Type: string | string[]

The new field or an array of fields where the extracted values are written.

field Required

Type: string (field name)

The source field

regex Required

Type: string

A valid JavaScript regular expression with at least one group. For example: "^Sample(\\d+)$".

Read more at:


Type: boolean

Do not complain about invalid input. Just skip it and leave the new fields undefined on the affected datum.

Default: false


Given the following data:

Gene Genome Location
AKT1 14:104770341-104792643

... and configuration:

  "type": "regexExtract",
  "field": "Genome Location",
  "regex": "^(X|Y|\\d+):(\\d+)-(\\d+)$",
  "as": ["Chrom", "Start", "End"]

Three new fields are added to the data:

Gene Genome Location Chrom Start End
AKT1 14:104770341-104792643 14 104770341 104792643